Episode 246 - On Birdie's Wings

Episode 246 May 06, 2022 02:05:55
Episode 246 - On Birdie's Wings
Anime on Draft
Episode 246 - On Birdie's Wings

May 06 2022 | 02:05:55


Show Notes

It's our monthly wrap-up for April 2022 and the only thing that has soured since the start of this anime season has been the two ales we have on hand! This episode features two fruited sours from Almanac Beer Co. and Common Space, the Plum Sournova and the Blueberry Stress Dissolver. What about our Three Episode Rule? We've got that as well! This season has a few standouts outside of the hyped shows that have been faring excellently thus far, so join us in this episode to hear what's truly worth it to give a shot!

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