Episode 245 - Isekai Beers with My Smartphone

Episode 245 April 22, 2022 01:47:36
Episode 245 - Isekai Beers with My Smartphone
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Episode 245 - Isekai Beers with My Smartphone

Apr 22 2022 | 01:47:36


Show Notes

This episode of the AoD Podcast features a beer filled with umami that you'll be asking if a bonito jumped out of the water and slapped you in the face! Yo-Ho Brewing is on the menu again with the Kiitenaize Sorry! Umami IPA Brewed with Bonito Flakes. Our anime coverage this week spans our thoughts on this season's premieres, as well as a long overdue look into the darling of the last two seasons, Ranking of Kings! Be sure to grab onto your bonito because this episode is packed with flavor!

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