Episode 244 - Learn with Anime Sensei!

Episode 244 April 12, 2022 01:50:03
Episode 244 - Learn with Anime Sensei!
Anime on Draft
Episode 244 - Learn with Anime Sensei!

Apr 12 2022 | 01:50:03


Show Notes

We've got THE Anime Sensei on our show this week at the AoD Podcast! With special guest Yuuki the Anime Sensei, we chat over beers and ask about the current state of anime, including some of the Spring 2022 premieres we've seen. Want to know more about the insights of an otaku with over 1500+ anime titles watched? You've come to the right place! He's not only experienced in anime, but he teaches Japanese to otaku as well, so if you're interested in learning Japanese with an otaku twist, check out Yuuki's info linked below!

Yuuki Anime Sensei:

https://animesensei.studio.site/ - Link to Yuuki's Website https://www.animesenseijp.com/ - Link to Yuuki's Japanese Lesson Service https://www.instagram.com/animesenseijp - Link to Yuuki's Instagram

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