Episode 229 - November 2021 Wrap-Up: Electric Boogaloo Pt 2

Episode 229 December 03, 2021 02:02:56
Episode 229 - November 2021 Wrap-Up: Electric Boogaloo Pt 2
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Episode 229 - November 2021 Wrap-Up: Electric Boogaloo Pt 2

Dec 03 2021 | 02:02:56


Show Notes

It’s time for an electric monthly wrap-up for November! Did you all enjoy your Thanksgiving? We sure did, and we brought back a shockingly good hazy triple IPA from Pure Project, the Electric Dragon. We first kick things off this episode with the end of the first half of Macross Delta in our OreShiri, spoiler alert: it’s a gori-gori blast of emotions! As for this season’s anime? We have a lot to catch up on with Blue Period, Takt op.Destiny and more, so grab a drink and plug us into your stereo because it’s electric!

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