Episode 228 - Ghost Visions of the Dead Cowboy...Bebop

Episode 228 November 22, 2021 01:36:56
Episode 228 - Ghost Visions of the Dead Cowboy...Bebop
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Episode 228 - Ghost Visions of the Dead Cowboy...Bebop

Nov 22 2021 | 01:36:56


Show Notes

This episode of the AoD Podcast features two lagers that will have you spooked…the Ghost Visions from Mikkeller SD and the Dead Cowboy from LA Aleworks! Speaking of beer, we have an interesting topic of discussion with the rising costs of canning beer, as well as an anime related topic delving into the first time the anime industry shrunk in 11 years…but was it all spelling the death of anime? Come on in and find out! We also have some Blue Period to bring you back to life!

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