Episode 226 - Jobless Mecha Idol Dad

Episode 226 November 13, 2021 01:48:36
Episode 226 - Jobless Mecha Idol Dad
Anime on Draft
Episode 226 - Jobless Mecha Idol Dad

Nov 13 2021 | 01:48:36


Show Notes

This episode features some Stuff of Legend that many have sung a many Alesong about…that’s right, we’ve got barrel-aged stouts on hand at the AoD Podcast! In fact, the Boulevard Brewing Stuff of Legend may truly be as it’s name insinuates. But what about our offering from Alesong? Well jump into your Rhino Suit because that imperial milk stout is sure to knock your socks off. For our anime pairing, our OreShiri starts up again with some mecha idol action in Macross Delta. Finally, it’s time to discuss the controversial Paul vs Rudeus confrontation in Jobless Reincarnation–that should be enough to be the stuff of legend for sure!

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