Episode 225 - Pumpkin Ales or Pumpkin Fails?

Episode 225 November 05, 2021 01:56:44
Episode 225 - Pumpkin Ales or Pumpkin Fails?
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Episode 225 - Pumpkin Ales or Pumpkin Fails?

Nov 05 2021 | 01:56:44


Show Notes

It’s the season of pumpkin ales, and another one has graced our presence…or has it? This week we have the Green Flash Needs More Pumpkin Spiced Porter–is it as classic as the Blue Oyster Cult SNL skit, or is it merely just its the namesake? While we mull over another season of pumpkin ales, the final week of our Three Episode Rule has passed, and the passing of verdicts for these shows is here. Which will rise to the occasion, and which will…FALL? Come and find out! We have plenty of other Fall 2021 anime to discuss as well so this episode won’t disappoint!

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