Episode 222 - Summer Finale Oktoberfest

Episode 222 October 04, 2021 02:42:30
Episode 222 - Summer Finale Oktoberfest
Anime on Draft
Episode 222 - Summer Finale Oktoberfest

Oct 04 2021 | 02:42:30


Show Notes

It’s the end of summer, and what better way to celebrate than with a stein full of delicious festbier! It’s the Oktoberfest episode, 2021 edition, and we have some exciting festbiers to discuss, with offerings from Weihenstephaner, Karl Strauss and this year’s Golden Road x Spaten collaboration brew. If that’s not enough to fill your steins, then we’ve got a lot to say with the endings of both Bokutachi no Remake and Sonny Boy leaving us mind-blown. Are you ready for a fest of an episode? Well grab your favorite festbier and join in the fun. Prost!

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