Episode 211 - Sassy Lassi Boys

Episode 211 July 16, 2021 01:58:29
Episode 211 - Sassy Lassi Boys
Anime on Draft
Episode 211 - Sassy Lassi Boys

Jul 16 2021 | 01:58:29


Show Notes

It’s time to get sassy with a classy, lassi-inspired sour IPA from Mikkeller San Diego, the Sassy Lassi. The second week of our Summer 2021 Three Episode Rule hits with episodes 2 of Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha and Peach Boy Riverside, as well as episode 1 of Battle in 5
Seconds After Meeting. That’s not all! We have more Summer 2021 premieres to cover, from Tsukimichi to Love Live! Superstar!! Don’t miss out on this week’s episode, you’ll want to stay sassy with us!

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