Episode 206 - Farewells

Episode 206 June 10, 2021 01:43:57
Episode 206 - Farewells
Anime on Draft
Episode 206 - Farewells

Jun 10 2021 | 01:43:57


Show Notes

Another week, another season, another batch of farewells… Wait, we’re saying goodbye to characters this early into June? In any case, this week on the AoD Podcast, we have a few shows nearing or at their climax, and we’re here to discuss it with all of you! Our beers for the week include the Full Circle Brewing Pie of the Tiger Apricot Pie Sour and the Oozlefinch Beers & Blending Crazy Pants “Crazy Exes” Edition Sour. While we pucker up with these beers, be ready to pucker up with our anime discussion on Higehiro, 86, Oddtaxi and more! We even have a discussion on the decorative beer glass scene!

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