Episode 204 - AI Am Diva

Episode 204 May 28, 2021 01:42:46
Episode 204 - AI Am Diva
Anime on Draft
Episode 204 - AI Am Diva

May 28 2021 | 01:42:46


Show Notes

*Ba-dum bum ba-bum* Vivy’ll be back?! Hasta la vista Diva?! A lot has happened in just one episode of Vivy and we’re here to talk about it on the AoD Podcast! This week is another sober week as we near the end of Sober May, but that means more anime goodness for you, as we share our thoughts (and qualms) with the shows airing now, such as 86 and Higehiro to name a couple. Next week is our May monthly wrap-up so catch this week’s episode for more in-depth discussion on Vivy!

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