Episode 203 - May Flowers Guide Thine Path

Episode 203 May 23, 2021 01:49:01
Episode 203 - May Flowers Guide Thine Path
Anime on Draft
Episode 203 - May Flowers Guide Thine Path

May 23 2021 | 01:49:01


Show Notes

Is the impending June Gloom on your mind? Well sober up with us at the AoD Podcast for Sober May! It’s another dry month for us as we promote healthy drinking habits, but we still have a lot of Spring anime on our plates to fill those empty stomachs with animation libations. Are you wondering what our thoughts are on Vivy, 86, Higehiro and more? Well look no further, we’ve got lots of flowery words and such to guide thine path to anime enlightenment. Just because you’re sober, doesn’t mean you can’t be drunk on all of that anime goodness. Stop in and join the fun!

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