Episode 190 - From Anime Wit Love

Episode 190 February 20, 2021 01:40:29
Episode 190 - From Anime Wit Love
Anime on Draft
Episode 190 - From Anime Wit Love

Feb 20 2021 | 01:40:29


Show Notes

Welcome to the AoD Podcast, coming at you Wit some Wit-ty insight on this season’s anime and some Belgian-style Witbiers! This week, we’ve got the Eagle Rock Brewery Manifesto Belgian Wit and the Smog City Brewing From LA Wit Love on tap. That’s not all we’ve got to love this week. Our OreShiri coverage of Kimi ni Todoke wraps up the first season of the show with episodes 24 &25 Wit some nice and fluffy romance as snow-colored and bubbly as the heads of these beers! That’s not all we’ve got in store for you this episode, as we cover some of this season’s best shows, including Horimiya, Wonder Egg Priority and Attack on Titan, so grab something you love and enjoy this episode Wit us!

Show Notes:

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