Episode 189 - What Ales You, My Sweet Tart?

Episode 189 February 12, 2021 01:55:10
Episode 189 - What Ales You, My Sweet Tart?
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Episode 189 - What Ales You, My Sweet Tart?

Feb 12 2021 | 01:55:10


Show Notes

Are you ready for another AoD Podcast episode that’ll leave you puckering up? Well come and listen to this week’s episode, as we down some tart-fully inclined ales that will hit you right in the kisser. Need practice for Valentines? We’ve got you covered! Those kissing muscles won’t see this coming. As for said ales, we’ve got two Orange County-based breweries featured: the Passionfruit Frucht from The Bruery and the Stealth Mode Tart Ale from Bottle Logic. Our anime coverage is just as sweet, with our on-going OreShiri coverage of Kimi ni Todoke eps 22-23 and some Winter 2021 standouts including Wonder Egg Priority and Jobless Reincarnation. Are you ready? Well pucker up and join the sweet tarts!

Show Notes:

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