Episode 187 - Red Bourbon Boys

Episode 187 January 27, 2021 01:51:11
Episode 187 - Red Bourbon Boys
Anime on Draft
Episode 187 - Red Bourbon Boys

Jan 27 2021 | 01:51:11


Show Notes

Red Bourbon coffee from Guatemala? That’s right! In this week’s episode of the AoD Podcast, we sip on a delicious single origin roast from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, the Red Bourbon. That’s not all for our coffee cravings, our hosts talk about their experiences with the current third wave of coffee, and how they prepare their java every day. Our Weekly Pairing this episode features the acrtion-packed episode 66 of Attack on Titan, and our Happy Hour features the ever wholesome Kimi ni Todoke Eps 20&21 and the third week of our Three Episode Rule. Will we drop any shows from this season’s crop? Grab a cup of coffee and come find out!

Show Notes:

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