Episode 184 - A New Saison

Episode 184 January 05, 2021 01:57:50
Episode 184 - A New Saison
Anime on Draft
Episode 184 - A New Saison

Jan 05 2021 | 01:57:50


Show Notes

It’s a new year, a new season, Winter 2021, and the AoD podcast is here to usher in the celebration with some saisons! In particular, we have the Brasserie Dupont Saison Dupont and the North Coast Brewing Le Merle on tap to quench our tastebuds, while offering you our thoughts on Kimi ni Todoke Eps 13-14, our final impressions of The Day I Became a God and our picks for our Three Episode Rule for the winter season to quench your thirst for anime goodness. Grab something refreshing and snuggle up under those blankets because it’s a new saison!

Show Notes:

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