Episode 181 - For Hazy Eyes Only

Episode 181 December 15, 2020 01:50:02
Episode 181 - For Hazy Eyes Only
Anime on Draft
Episode 181 - For Hazy Eyes Only

Dec 15 2020 | 01:50:02


Show Notes

Welcome to episode 181 of the AoD Podcast! This week features nore Hazy IPAs from Modern Times, the Diamond Drive Hazy DIPA and the Elara Hazy IPA. Our OreShiri coverage of Kimi ni Todoke continues with episodes 11&12, and our Fall anime coverage of shows includes features Higurashi Gou, Attack on Titan Season 4 and more! This episode is for hazy eyes only, so grab a beer from the banana stand and join us!

Show Notes:

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