Episode 162 - Reckless Abaddon

Episode 162 August 06, 2020 01:28:29
Episode 162 - Reckless Abaddon
Anime on Draft
Episode 162 - Reckless Abaddon

Aug 06 2020 | 01:28:29


Show Notes

Welcome to episode 162 of the AoD Podcast! We've got a helle of a show in store with double the OreShiri goodness, featuring epsiodes 13 and 14 of both Mawaru Penguindrum and Shin Sekai Yori! Our beer of choice to pair with these shows is the Modern Times and Wayfinder collaboration brew, the Abaddon Helles Lager. Wrapping up the show, we've got more Summer 2020 anime to cover, so grab a drink and sit back, relax, and have fun with us!

Show Notes:

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