Episode 144 - New Mascot Reveal

April 02, 2020 01:57:24
Episode 144 - New Mascot Reveal
Anime on Draft
Episode 144 - New Mascot Reveal

Apr 02 2020 | 01:57:24


Show Notes

Welcome to episode 144 of the AoD Podcast! We've got a hazy week in store for you with three hazy IPAs: The Ogopogo Brewing Sharlie Hazy IPA, the Modern Times Star Cloud Hazy IPA, and the Sierra Nevada Fantastic Haze Imperial Hazy IPA. With those beers, we look to clear up the hazy outlook of shows this season with our picks for our Three Episode Rule coverage for Spring 2020 anime. Wrapping up the show are our final impressions on the final slew of winter shows, including Smile Down the Runway and Pet, as well as episode 10 of Nisemonogatari in our OreShiri segment. Let us clear out the haze in front of you. Grab a drink and join us!

Show Notes:

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