Episode 133 - End of 2019 Awards

January 20, 2020 01:55:56
Episode 133 - End of 2019 Awards
Anime on Draft
Episode 133 - End of 2019 Awards

Jan 20 2020 | 01:55:56


Show Notes

Welcome to the AoD Anime Awards 2019! Come and join us as we discuss our picks for the best2019 had to offer. Also, we wrap up our Cowboy Bebop OreShiri with Alec's final thoughts on the series. Wrapping up the show is a discussion on the Winter 2020 anime we are interested in covering. Our chosen brews are Boulevard Brewing's The Sixth Glass and Modern Times' Fortunate Islands. There's a lot to deliberate so grab a drink and join us!

Show Notes:

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